About us

Leerdam Crisal Glass is the new home of a rich glass tradition on the European continent with its head office in Leerdam, the cradle of glass production in the Netherlands. Moreover, we also design and produce some of our iconic glasses in Portugal. With a distribution center strategically located in Gorinchem, the Netherlands, we offer a service of excellence, exporting to more than 100 countries worldwide.

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Leerdam Crisal Glass is an open organization in which Northern and Southern Europe come together to embrace diversity, stimulate, and challenge each other to continue innovating and improving each day. 

We locally produce our glasses in the Netherlands and Portugal. The brands ONIS and Royal Leerdam are part of Leerdam Crisal Glass (LCGlass).


The secret to our success is the continuous investment in new technologies, brilliant designs, high-quality products, and sustainable processes. 

Anders Invest is a Netherlands based investment firm with a successful track record of actively managing and growing industrial companies. Anders Invest is enthusiastic about investing in our business due to the very long history of the company, its established brands, and market position. Anders Invest compromises to keep the focus on innovation and diversification as important pillars and will continue to invest in new technologies, brilliant designs, high-quality and sustainable processes, which are the secret of the company's success. Anders Invest wants to ensure that Leerdam Crisal Glass becomes Europe's largest and greenest glass producer, assuring that the next generations are able to live in a better world.

Next to the centuries-old glass factories, Leerdam Crisal Glass also has its own shops.

The Netherlands - The Glaswinkel
In the Glaswinkel, Leerdam Crisal Glass sells glasses produced in the Leerdam and Marinha Grande factories. The Glaswinkel has an extensive range with many different glasses. From wine glasses to beer glasses or new water glasses, every type of glassware is available in the Glaswinkel. 
Address Glaswinkel: Lingedijk 8, 4142 LD Leerdam  

Portugal - Loja Crisal

In Loja Crisal, Leerdam Crisal Glass sells glasses produced in the Marinha Grande and Leerdam glass factories. Every type of glassware is available, from wine glasses to beer glasses, water glasses, decanters and much more. In addition, Loja Crisal offers a wide assortment of products from different partners, from crystal to porcelains, candles to local artisanal products.                        Address Loja Crisal: Rua de Portugal, lote 1 - Zona Industrial Casal da Lebre 2430-028 Marinha Grande