After 50 years finally Dutch again!

After 50 years finally Dutch again!

Crisal and Royal Leerdam, former Libbey EMEA, are well-known European glass producers with rich roots preserved throughout the ages in the European glass cities of Leerdam and Marinha Grande. Crisal and Royal Leerdam are leaders in producing glasses that have become icons in the industry. Always investing in new technology, brilliant design, high quality, and sustainable processes. A new chapter starts to be written by joining Anders Invest and becoming Leerdam Crisal Glass. 

Anders Invest is a Dutch based investment firm with a successful track record of actively managing and growing industrial companies. Anders Invest is enthusiastic about investing in our business due to the very long history of the company, its established brands, and its market position. Adding to this, Anders Invest has also been pleased with the knowhow, drive, and craftsmanship they have seen so far.   

By acquiring Crisal and Royal Leerdam, Anders Invest compromises to keep the focus on innovation and diversification as important pillars and will continue to invest in new technologies, brilliant designs, high-quality and sustainable processes, which are the secret of the company's success. The sustainable production of glassware with zero impact on the environment remains high on the agenda. After all, recycling has always been at the heart of the company. Anders Invest wants to ensure that LCGlass becomes Europe's largest and greenest glass producer, assuring that the next generations are able to live in a better world. 

LCGlass will continue to work for those who seek quality, originality and inspiration.